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keys to effective interviewing

Successful interviewing depends upon careful preparation. Laying the groundwork to make the connection with the interviewer is key.  The fact is your interview begins well before you arrive at the company. Be sure to see the second part of our interviewing series, 'How to Ace the Interview'.



how to ace the interview

You've prepared for the interview, now it's about getting the job offer.  Learn what the interviewer is looking for in a candidate and execute the strategies to highlight your strengths. People who draw strong connections to the required skills and interviewer get job offers. This is the second part of our interviewing series.





navigating online applications

Successfully completing an online application is an art. Often you are completing an assessment while doing the application.  Be aware of what you are confronting, common mistakes and strategies to make your online application rise to the top.



tools to simplify WORD documents

Working in Word can be much easier by using some handy features that are part of the software. Learn how to use the tools to create and format great looking documents. You will be amazed how helpful these shortcuts can be.




Enhance your spreadsheets with these great features embedded in Excel. You will learn about password protection, how to create a drop down list, and how to use the new flash fill feature.  These plus three more tools will make your Excel experience more productive and fun.