Thank You Google!

 Executive Director Kevin Lynn at the Grow With Google Event At The MassMutual Center on July 9th, 2018

Executive Director Kevin Lynn at the Grow With Google Event At The MassMutual Center on July 9th, 2018

We at FutureWorks Career Center are honored that Google has provided us $100,000 to increase the skill sets of the people with whom we work.  Specifically, we will be focusing on their Applied Digital Skills curriculum. Problem solving is a key aspect of every job. Being able to demonstrate the ability to find solutions through technology is a must have for everyone who is looking for work and for those currently working. The bottom line is none of us can ever stop learning.

A major bonus for FutureWorks is the access to the Google staff, known as 'Googlers'. Working with them will build our knowledge base and skills making us better teachers and workers. There is nothing more constant than change and the fastest change is taking place in the technology part of our lives. At the Grow With Google event at the Mass Mutual Center on July 9th, the commitment Google made to the Greater Springfield area was exciting. There are many good things happening here and having the involvement of an organization with the stature of Google is another sign of how we have turned the corner. 

Yes there is work to do, and we look forward to broadening our offerings to continue to meet the needs of the people and businesses of Western Massachusetts. In the next year we will deliver results through our partnership with Google that will benefit our community.

- Kevin Lynn, Executive Director


We are at the half-way point of the year and it may sound strange now to say that 2018 could possibly be our most dynamic year.  We are ready to rock our world and hopefully yours too! For me it started just a few weeks ago with the discovery of alien life at the Brimfield Antique Flea Market. While important, this pales to what will be happening at FutureWorks in the coming months.


Soon we will undergo a renovation of the career center that will span just about every inch of our space.  Once complete, you will have a totally new experience when you arrive here.  The highlight for me is the elimination of the long hallway you walk down to enter FutureWorks. I've hated it since day one. There will be many more changes, which I will detail later. Our goal is to make it a better experience for you while accessing services.

Another major change, we are getting a new name. I can't tell you what it is yet.  I have worked here over 18 years and part of me is sad to see the FutureWorks name go away. I do have to say the name change makes sense in raising the career center's profile both here and across the state. You will hear a lot more about this over the next few months.

In conjunction with our new name, we will be creating a new website for you. It will provide a new look along with some new functionality. This will probably be the place where you first see our new logo.  In the last year, we have had over 92,000 visits to our website.  This is down 14% from a year ago, which shows you how busy we are.  I view our website as our front door and very important to the operations here. It is heavily used and critical we get it right. We will be rolling out a new address for the website as well.

Stay updated as we move through these changes, as you will find anything 'Postable' here.

 - Kevin Lynn, Executive Director